Pro Sport - 52mm Touch ( Fuel Pressure )

Pro Sport - 52mm Touch ( Fuel Pressure )


The Pro Sport Touch series. One of the best selling gauge that we sell it has all the features of a premium series and with the red halo ring its a beautiful gauge when it starts up. With 3 great vibrant colours ( amber, blue and white ) that you can change by a touch pad. Peak and warning settings are on this gauge so it really is stacked with a ll the features. easy install plug harnesses and with the daisy chain so you can wire one gauge up and then connect as many as you like on the chain.

  • touch pad
  • 3 great colours ( amber, white and blue )
  • adjustable brightness 
  • adjustable warning and peak settings
  • memory
  • daisy chain to connect other gauges with this feature
  • smoked screen

Gauge Type: 52mm or 60 mm fuel pressure gauge ( bar )

Gauge Style: smoked lens ( silver bezel) with white,blue and amber colour with a red halo ring

Gauge Features: Adjustable brightness, optional illumination, peak and warning settings all done by a touch pad on the side.

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical / mechanical with 270 degree sweep

Kit Contents: Sensor, instructions, fitting kit and hood

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