Motor Meter - 52mm blue stepper ( Rev )

Motor Meter - 52mm blue stepper ( Rev )


The Motor Meter Warning series,  a great gauge that does most of the work for you. It has a pre-set warning feature so no messing about with setting it all up. Smoked screen so its completely dark when the ignition is off. Silver bezel and a bright red needle. When this gauge is turned off it does a self warning sequence to check itself, very clever.

  • Smoked lens
  • Bright blue back light
  • Slim line 30mm depth
  • Preset warning
  • Red led warning light
  • Daisy chain easily to other gauges with this feature

Gauge Type: 52mm revs gauge ( 1 - 10,000 )

Gauge Style: blue display with silver bezel and warning light

Gauge Features: Adjustable brightness

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical / mechanical with 270 degree sweep

Kit Contents: gauge, fitting kit and instructions

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