Pro Sport - 52mm Blue/ White Smoked Super ( Volt )

Pro Sport - 52mm Blue/ White Smoked Super ( Volt )


The Pro Sport Smoked Super series, a sleek and stylish gauge that sits near flush in any pod. This gauge will look totally black when the ignition is off due to its smoked screen and when the ignition is turned on the gauge springs into life with a self calibration sequence. Extremely smooth in its actions and with great colours to choose from and a bright red needle this gauge is one of our favourites as a no fuss gauge. 

  • Smoked lens
  • Optional colours selected by wire on the blue, amber and green gauges in this range
  • Swiss stepper movement
  • Flush design with silver bezel
  • all this series come with the sensors that are needed to get readings

Gauge Type: 52mm volts gauge 

Gauge Style: smoked lens ( silver bezel) with blue / white display

Gauge Features:  optional colours ( by wire connection )

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical / mechanical with 270 degree sweep

Kit Contents: gauge, fitting kit and instructions

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