Pro Sport - 60mm JDM Stepper ( Air Fuel Ratio WIDEBAND )

Pro Sport - 60mm JDM Stepper ( Air Fuel Ratio WIDEBAND )


The Pro Sport 60mm JDM Stepper gauge, one of our best selling gauges on this web site and boasts some great features and a start up sequence that has to be seen to really appreciate this gauge. 2 great colours that can be changed by a button on the front. If that was not enough this gauge also has a fully adjustable warning feature that can be changed and set by the single button on the front. Another great feature about this gauge is that it has a dual screen so as well as the stepper it also has a digital display. best selling for a reason as it puts other gauges in the 60mm or 52mm range to shame.

Main Gauge Features..

  • 60mm analogue and digital display

  • Progressive illumination

  • Adjustable white or amber selection by button

  • Plugged sensor harness

  • Amazing start up sequence

  • Slim depth only 30mm

Gauge Type: 60mm JDM Stepper AFR wideband

Gauge Style: Clear lens (black bezel) with 2 selectable display colours, dual stepper and digital

Gauge Features: 2 Optional illumination colours, adjustable brightness by changing the colour, daisy chain installation, this gauge has a range of 10.0:1 to 20.0:1

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical with sensor.

Kit Contents: bosch 4.9 ( 5 wire ) heated 02 sensor, control box, 0 -5v output, exhaust mounting bung, wiring harness plug and play with full instructions

Package weight : 1kg

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