Auto Gauge 308 Afr Wideband

Auto Gauge 308 Afr Wideband


Auto Meter 308 Afr Wideband 52mm ( note special order )

Brand New and exclusively at Little Devil Gauges thIs us a beautiful gauge.

A great start up sequence with warning noises and full sweeps with the 260° 30 leds calibrating itself on every start up.

As well as the 260° sweep it also has a oled digital screen for quick referance

Main Gauge Features

  • 52mm in size

  • 30 260° led sweep

  • Sound

  • Plud harnesses

  • OLED digital screen

  • Slim in design

Gauge Type

52mm Afr Wideband with lamba sensor

Gauge Style

Coear lens ( black bezel ) with green/amber/red 30 led 260° sweep

Elec / Mech

Electrical with sensor

Kit Contents

gauge, lamba sensor, harnesses, hood

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