Pro Sport - 52mm Stepper Motor Peak ( Oil Temperature )

Pro Sport - 52mm Stepper Motor Peak ( Oil Temperature )


The Pro Sport Stepper Motor Peak series, this gauge has 2 vibrant colours white and amber. it akso has a smoked screen so when the gauge is turned off the screen is completely black but as soon as you start the ignition the gauge jumps into life with a 270 degree sweep. 

This gauge is made with the latest technology with swiss movement and a micro processor making sure that its accurate every single time no matter the climate or altitude.  It has a memory so will remember the settings you have added and also a peak recall feature . A great gauge for with all the features of a premium series gauge in a compact 52mm case.

  • Amber or White illumination ( selected by wire connection )
  • Fully adjustable warning and peak settings
  • Option start up sound 
  • Warning light 
  • Sleek 30mm depth 
  • Daisy chain so you only have to wire in one gauge for power


Gauge Type: 52mm oil temperature ( bar )

Gauge Style: smoked len ( silver bezel) with amber and white 

Gauge Features: optional illumination by wire connection, adjustable peak and warning settings 

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical / mechanical with 270 degree sweep

Kit Contents: Sensor 1/8npt, and instructions

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