Vauxhall Astra G Vent Pod Kit ( Dual 52mm Boost Bar )

Vauxhall Astra G Vent Pod Kit ( Dual 52mm Boost Bar )


Vauxhall Astra G Vent Pod Kit ( Dual 52mm Boost bar )

Here at Little Devil Gauges we try and make life easier for you our customers so we make kits like this one with everything you need in one kit, no buying separate parts of wiring in. A you need to do is remove your vent and replace with the vent pod add your gauge and run the plug and play loom to the internal fuse box, next step connect the samco hose to get your feed. this process should only take a few hour.

Kit Includes

  • 52mm Dual boost gauge in bar

  • 52mm vent pod in black, silver or carbon effect

  • samco hose in blue, black or red

  • LDG plug and play power loom

  • T piece

  • in line filter

  • Boost sender

  • Boost adaptor ( if applicable )

    The Pro Sport Dual Display stepper series. A gauge that is small in size as only 52mm but gives you 2 readings one in stepper and one in digital. These gauges can be have interchangeable colours ( by wire connection ) amber or white. the digital display is  LCD screen which is a blue colour. the bezel is silver and with a red needle. when started this gauge does a beautiful start up sequence and self calibrates its self and with its smooth action like all our gauge its easy to glance at and beautiful to look at.

    • silver bezel

    • dual screen with LCD

    • plugged harness for easy installation

    • beautiful start up sequence

    • slim line body only 30mm depth

    • 2 great colours

    Gauge Type: 52mm Dual Display Stepper boost gauge ( bar )

    Gauge Style: smoked lens ( silver bezel) with amber and white display

    Gauge Features: Optional colours

    Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical with sensor

    Package weight 1.0kg

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