Ford Focus MK2 Vent Pod Kit ( Evo 52mm Red/Blue Boost Bar )

Ford Focus MK2 Vent Pod Kit ( Evo 52mm Red/Blue Boost Bar )


Ford Focus MK2 Vent Pod kit ( Evo 52mm Red/Blue Boost bar )

Here at Little Devil Gauges we try and make life easier for you our customers so we make kits like this one with everything you need in one kit, no buying separate parts of wiring in. A you need to do is remove your vent and replace with the vent pod add your gauge and run the plug and play loom to the internal fuse box, next step connect the samco hose to get your feed. this process should only take a few hour.

Kit Includes

  • 52mm Evo boost gauge in bar

  • 52mm vent pod in black, silver or carbon effect

  • samco hose in blue, black or red

  • LDG plug and play power loom

  • T piece

  • in line filter

  • Boost sender

    The Pro Sport LCD Evo Digital Gauge in 52mm, this gauge is fully digital and has a amazing start up sequence when the ignition is turned on and when off the screen is completely black. These gauges come in 2 colour ways either green / white or red / blue and can be selected when wiring up the gauge. You can also adjust brightness on this gauge which is a added feature.

    Main gauge features..

    • Optional colour by simple wire connection

    • Near flush fitting

    • Black bezel and clear screen

    • Ignition start up sequence

    • Adjustable brightness

    • Precise and true digital gauge

    Gauge Type: 52mm Evo Digital Gauge boost ( bar )

    Gauge Style: Clear lens (black bezel) with red and blue display

    Gauge Features: Adjustable brightness, optional illumination by wire connection

    Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical with sensor

    Package weight 1.0kg

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