Prosport - 52mm Green/ White Evo Digital ( Volt )

Prosport - 52mm Green/ White Evo Digital ( Volt )


The Pro Sport LCD Evo Digital Gauge in 52mm, this gauge is fully digital and has a amazing start up sequence when the ignition is turned on and when off the screen is completely black. These gauges come in 2 colour ways either green / white or red / blue and can be selected when wiring up the gauge. You can also adjust brightness on this gauge which is a added feature.

Main gauge features..

  • Optional colour by simple wire connection

  • Near flush fitting

  • Black bezel and clear screen

  • Ignition start up sequence

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Precise and true digital gauge

Gauge Type: 52mm Evo Digital Gauge volts

Gauge Style: Clear lens (black bezel)

Gauge Features: Adjustable brightness, optional illumination ( by wire connection )

Elec/Mech Operation: Electrical

Kit Contents: u bracket and instructions.

Package weight : 0.4kg

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