About Us

Ford is a passion in my life and always has been since I swapped a BMW E30 in Brighton for a series 1 Escort RS down Madera Drive! Passions stay with you for life and there is nothing more passionate than a car owner - whether you're a purist or an out right modifier. 

Little Devil has come from passion, and gauges are our passion!

Each week new gauges will be added to our list with many styles, sizes and colours with prices to fit everyone's budget. What you get from Little Devil is more than just a product, it's a service to help you achieve the best you can with different ideas run by someone with dedication for making your vision come to life.

Whether you simply want just a gauge or whether you want a loom kit to fit your car so you don't have to cut and crimp, or whether you want a bespoke pod made just for you, this is where you need to look. We are always willing to take on a challenge whatever it may be.

Our gauges come in many different designs and colours and they should match your style whether you're trying to keep the car original or if you want to personalise it - it's your car, your vision - make it your own!!!

Little Devil is here to make life easy, all you need whether it be one gauge or a plug and play kit. 

Need any questions answered or help, just call or email - we will do the best we can to help.